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Getting Started

The road to becoming a healthier happier person begins with YOU.  A Holistic Health Coach can help lead you down the path to accomplishing the following:

• Help you  realize your concerns and/or goals
• Explore a variety of  whole food options
• Minimize Cravings
• Improve energy levels
• Reconnect spiritually
• Enhance  personal relationships

Your Personalized Session(s) will include:

• Two, 1 ½   hour sessions per month
• E-mail and/or phone support between sessions
• Books, CDs, handouts and online mentors
• Food samples , a plethora of recipes, and self-care products
• Access to a lending library of health and self-help books 

Call me for a FREE 1 hr.  initial consultation as we explore ways to help you realize your potentials  (301) 325-7053

Please feel free to submit a health history (women / men) and I'll contact you to schedule your free consultation. Remember it’s all about YOU and your desire to explore alternate options to becoming healthier and happy.